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  • What is Plan A?
    Plan A is Atlanta’s comprehensive development plan, or “CDP,” and is Atlanta’s guide for equitable development. Plan A shows the important relationships between land use, transportation, housing, economic development, nature, historic preservation, and other aspects of city building. It’s planning done at the scale of the city with an emphasis on improving the quality of life for all Atlantans. When done well, comprehensive development planning is the foundation for predictable, well managed growth and development. For more on Atlanta’s Plan A, visit our About Plan A Page. For more information on the current Comprehensive Development Plan, adopted in 2021, visit ️
  • Why update the Comprehensive Development Plan?
    Every five years, the City updates the comprehensive development plan. The update is not only required by state and local laws it is also necessary to keep the plan relevant as Atlanta becomes a more equitable, inclusive, and accessible city to live in. Atlanta’s comprehensive development plan articulates a citywide Community Vision for the next 5, 10, 15 years and more. That vision guides the city-building activities contained in every section, or Element, of the plan. Each section starts with a Vision followed by a set of Goals stating desired near- and long-term outcomes. Together, these Vision and Goals let us know what we are working to accomplish. Needs and Opportunities, identified during the planning process, define the urgent issues to be addressed as we move towards realizing our Vision and Goals. A series of Policies related to the Needs and Opportunities in each element, along with a list of proposed Actions, point to the necessary steps for implementation.
  • How long is the current Plan A process?
    The Department of City Planning is leading an 18-month planning process to update the current Vision and Goals, Needs and Opportunities, Policies and Actions in every Element to Plan A. The current comprehensive development plan builds on past plans as well as years of analysis, decision-making, public engagement over other plans and initiatives. The current Plan A is our starting point, but the plan requires that we continue to work together to ensure it reflects the aspirations of all Atlantans.
  • Who is managing the Plan A process?
    The City of Atlanta, Department of City Planning is engaging the public by hosting open houses and community workshops across the city, meeting people in their neighborhoods through pop-ups and presenting at their Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) meetings, and sharing updates and knowledge online. To find your NPU visit our NPU Locator Tool
  • Am I eligible to participate in the community engagement process ?
    Everyone is welcome to participate in the Plan A process.
  • How do I stay informed during this process?
    The best way to stay informed of upcoming events (community workshops, popups, etc.) is to join Plan A’s email list and follow our social media accounts @ATLPlanning. Another great way to stay engaged is to know your Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) and attend their meetings. To find your NPU, visit our NPU Locator Tool
  • How does the The Department of City Planning plan to engage the community?
    The Department of City Planning will inform and engage the public through a wide range of activities including in-person meetings, virtual platforms, educational forums, cultural events, and grass-roots efforts.
  • What are the types of activities to expect during the Plan A Community Engagement Process?
    Citywide Kickoff: The first large-scale engagement activity for the Plan A update, this event will provide informative details on what Atlantans can expect with Community Involvement activities for the planning process and other elements of Plan A. This public event will be held on February 29th at Greenbriar Mall, at 6PM. Community Meetings: In-person citywide meetings for residents to provide input on Plan A and to learn more about the comprehensive planning process – what to expect, how to participate, etc. The first two rounds of Community Meetings focus on Land Use and Neighborhood Planning chapters. Round 1 meetings, March to April 2024, are citywide Open Houses hosted by DCP in 12 NPUs. Round 2 meetings, May to June 2024, are Workshops in the other 13 NPUs. Workshops build on public input from Open Houses, so participants are encouraged to attend a meeting during each round. Round 3 Community Meetings will focus on other Plan A chapters, and DCP will host these meetings in the of fall 2024 and early 2025. Pop-Ups: DCP will arrange to have a presence at a wide variety of city events to share information about Plan A and speak with Atlantans in local settings where community engagement is already happening. This includes neighborhood festivals, arts and cultural activities, leisure events, and other civic initiatives. In addition to sharing information on involvement activities, representatives will offer visitors an opportunity to participate in the planning process via surveys and the online mapping tool. Promotional content and giveaways will also be on hand for passers-by. Conversations with Planners: Groups, such as committees for neighborhood organizations and NPUs, can request "Conversations with Planners" with DCP staff planners. These virtual small group discussions are great opportunities to ask questions about Plan A and the planning process directly to our planners. City Planners will also be available for individual and small group discussions at libraries across the city.
  • How can I share ideas for the vision for my neighborhood ?
    Over the next several months, you will also be able to share your ideas of Atlanta’s future through surveys, online mapping tools, and submitting comments on drafts of the plan directly to the Department of City Planning. We also recommend attending Community Workshops, Pop-Ups, and General Body meetings to share these ideas with your neighbors and other Atlantans.
  • What is the timeline for Community Engagement?
    January – February 2024 Phase 1: Kick-off March – June 2024 Phase 2: Community Input Land Use and Neighborhood Planning Elements July – August 2024 Phase 2.1: Summarize Feedback, Access Land Use and Neighborhood Planning Elements September – November 2024 Phase 2.2: Adopt Land Use & Neighborhood Planning Elements December 2024 – May 2025 Phase 3: Planning Process and Adoption of Other Elements For more information, visit our Events Page and Community Involvement Plan.
  • What role does Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) have in the Plan A process?
    Our city's strong neighborhood identity is part of what makes Atlanta so special. Neighborhoods are the stage of daily life and connect us to our history, our local amenities, and of course, our neighbors! Atlanta is comprised of over 240 unique neighborhoods, which are grouped into 25 Neighborhood Planning Units, or NPUs. The NPU system is celebrating its 50th year in 2024. As the official avenue for the City to inform residents—and for residents to recommend actions to the City—on matters affecting Atlanta’s neighborhood, the NPUs have shaped the comprehensive plan over the decades. The Department of City Planning is hosting open houses, community workshops, and pop-ups in each NPU as well as providing frequent updates to NPU chairs and presenting at monthly NPU meetings. The Department of City Planning will coordinate the update to the comprehensive development plan with the Neighborhood Planning Units over the course of the planning process to ensure Plan A addresses the diverse needs and opportunities of Atlanta’s neighborhoods. To find Engagement Activities near you, visit our Upcoming Events page.
  • What is the relationship between Zoning 2.0 and Plan A?
    The City of Atlanta is currently updating two important documents - the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) and the Zoning Ordinance. These updates are part of an effort to make sure Atlanta’s land use plan and the code that implements it are modern and meet the city’s current and future needs. The ATL Zoning 2.0 and CDP update processes are continuously coordinated to ensure that new approaches to zoning and land use work properly together. For more information, visit the ATL Zoning 2.0 Website.
  • What is the relationship between Moving Atlanta Forward and Plan A?
    Mayor Andre Dickens is Moving Atlanta Forward through a progressive agenda focused on opportunity, safety and investment for the future – for everyone. Atlanta’s Comprehensive Development Plan shares the Mayor’s vision of one city with one bright future. A city of safe, healthy, connected neighborhoods with an expansive culture of equity, empowering upward mobility and full participation for all residents, embracing youth development, and an innovative, dependable government moving Atlanta forward, together. Plan A is putting the Mayor’s initiative into action by emphasizing implementing actions that improve equity and the quality of life in all Atlanta neighborhoods. These actions will be further aligned throughout the updated comprehensive development plan. To learn more about Mayor Andre Dickens’ Moving Atlanta Forward initiative visit
  • What is the relationship between Atlanta City Design and Plan A?
    Atlanta City Design: Aspiring to the Beloved Community is the City’s framing document for equitable, inclusive, and accessible growth for the City of Atlanta, and was adopted into the City’s charter in 2017. Atlanta City Design is a concept of our city's design, representing an honest look at who we are as a collective, working together towards achieving Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of the Beloved Community. Since its adoption into the City's charter, Atlanta City Design’s five Core Values of Equity, Access, Progress, Nature, and Ambition have shaped many completed and ongoing citywide plans and initiatives. For more information, visit the Atlanta City Design Website.
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