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Conversations with Planners

Groups, such as committees for neighborhood organizations and Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs), can request “Conversations with Planners” with Department of City Planning staff planners. These virtual small group discussions are great opportunities to ask questions about Plan A and the planning process directly to our planners.


If you are interested in scheduling “Conversations with Planners,” for your neighborhood organization or NPU, email with your request at least one week ahead of your preferred time. A DCP planner will follow up to coordinate.

Available Virtual Meeting opportunities are below.

Wednesday, April 3 (30-minute slot between 7PM and 9PM)

Thursday, April 4 (30-minute slot between 7PM and 9PM)

Monday, April 8 (30-minute slot between 7PM and 9PM)

Monday, April 29 (30-minute slot between 7PM and 9PM)

Meet us at the library

No upcoming events at the moment
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